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Centrifugal Blower
Exhaust blowers are considered as common electrical appliances used for bathroom at homes. These are best for removing moisture and odours from spaces. Exhaust blowers are perfect for ventilation purpose. Our products are mounted on the walls of bathrooms.
Industrial Blower Fan

The Industrial blower fans are the machines, which have been made to make pressure for moving air at required pace. These have been made to perform certain functions. Supplied fans are well-suited for several complex operations.

Axial Fan
Axial fans can be used in large and small both spaces for cooling purpose. These are designed for heat exchange units, condensers, HVAC operations and more. Our offered products have a compact structure and high durability. Axial fans exhaust humid air from inside spaces.
Dust Collector
Dust collectors are systems that are created for increasing the air quality in commercial and industrial areas. These are ideal for collecting dust, dirt, debris and other impurities from gas or air. Dust collectors are known for high performance efficiency and fast operations.
Cyclone Separator

The cyclone separators are utilized for separating solid elements from contaminated gas streams. These are suited for several industrial applications such as power generations, gas turbines, chemical processes and so forth.

Industrial scrubbers are basically a pollution control device which is efficient in purifying exhaust streams. These are also suitable for removing carbon dioxide from submarines. Industrial scrubbers eliminate harmful gases and particulates from the space. Our products have durability, easy installation and reliability.
Paint Booth

Paint booths are controlled environments suited for paint application. These have been made to deal with hazardous vapors. Supplied booths allow for a healthier and safer work environment.

Turbine Blower

The Turbine blowers are applicable for low pressure compressor, high pressure ventilator, oil-free compressor, vacuum pump, booster and air pump. These have been made to exhibit excellent performance properties at a range of diverse flow rates.

Man Cooler
Man cooler fans are appreciated for providing required cooling. These are great ventilation purpose in residential, industrial and commercial areas. Man cooler fans keep the environment cool and free from humidity. Our products have a rugged structure and anti-corrosive nature.
Air Washer Unit

Air washers have been made to remove many types of household allergenssuch as pet dander, pet hair, dust, dust mites, pollen, mold spores, and other airborne elements. The units make effective use of impeller technology.

Ventilation Unit

We offer ventilation units, which are made to provide fresh air for breathing. These are suited for diluting the pollutants as well as removing them. We provide these units at cost-effective rates. 

Hot Air Blower

We provide Hot air blowers, which are utilized for drying coating several parts. These blowers are also suited for de-flashing plastic components and heating in several production process.